The Ultimate Money Test

Do you have a good grip on your financial situation? Are you prepared for the future and whatever it throws at you? Just how much do you think your net worth is right now? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, there is no better time than now to find out!

Thanks to the Ultimate Money Test from the team at, an Australian credit card comparison website, you can assess your current financial situation while also ensuring that you are on the right path to a better future.

The questions that you answer throughout the five-minute test are related to your knowledge of personal finance as well as your thoughts on a variety of subjects. Once the test comes to an end, you are given two scores:

  • Knowledge, outlook, and attitude
  • Behaviour and actions affecting your likelihood of having much money

The higher you score the better understanding you have of your personal situation and the financial world as a whole.

What types of questions will you be answering? Don’t worry – there is nothing on the test that is going to throw you a curve. Here are just a few of the questions/statements that you are asked to answer:

  • “I really don’t care how the banks use my money so long as I can withdraw it when I go to the ATM.”
  • “Having children is expensive.”
  • “When possible I save money by using coupons and vouchers, buying items on sale and getting offers from sites like Groupon.”

With each enquiry, you are given four options for an answer: strongly disagree, disagree, agree, and strongly agree. It’s very straight forward and doesn’t take very long. Some of the questions are also quite funny, my favourite being: “The Deputy Finance Minister of Nigeria emailed me for help to get money out of his country. If I give him my bank details and send $1,000 to his wife he’s promised to reward me with $1,000,000 tax free! It seems legit.”

Don’t worry if you take the test and are disappointed with your scores. There is plenty of information to help you get back on track. Some of the tools offered at the conclusion of the test include a credit card finder; bank fees and rates finder; balance transfer calculator; credit card debt payoff calculator; a savings goal calculator; and last but not least, a free downloadable guide to getting out of debt.

As you answer the 40 questions on the Ultimate Money Test, you will begin to get a better understanding of your finances, outlook on the future, and personal preferences. There is always room for improvement, so make sure you take note of your results and perhaps start to think about changing some habits. By making just a few changes, you can quickly improve your situation. And that is, after all, what the test is all about!

David Boyd is the co-founder of credit card comparison website and editor of The Credit Letter blog. He writes about how to choose the best credit card and how to use cards responsibly.

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