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Growing Pains for Small Businesses

Running a small business is never easy, but it can be extremely fulfilling for the entrepreneur who makes it work. The early days of any new business revolve around market development, cash flow, and general administration, such as keeping compliant … Continue reading

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Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Responsible gambling is really a matter of common sense. It means being in control of the amount of money that we spend on gambling as well as not spending more time than we should doing it. Whatever form of gambling … Continue reading

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Comparing Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement

Debt has become a way of life for many people. A home loan, a car loan and other unsecured debts are common and necessary in some cases. However, there comes a point when the debt becomes out of control, and … Continue reading

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Predatory Lenders: A Debt Trap

If a shady, unlicensed lender is only too eager to grant you a loan, it may just be too good to be true. These lenders prey on desperate people in tough economic times. Getting a loan in this economy isn’t … Continue reading

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Is Debt Settlement Right For Me?

Debt settlement is a practice through which a person owing creditors a good deal of money enlists the services of a debt relief company to negotiate with these creditors. The purpose of debt settlement is to have a portion of … Continue reading

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Budgeting & Saving Advice for Working Mums

Look around your friends and colleagues and you’re unlikely to find a working mum with plenty of spare time and money. There may be little they can do to increase the actual amount of either, so what counts is making … Continue reading

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Tips for Effective Debt Consolidation

You are not the only person who worries about growing debt. In fact, more and more people are becoming uncontrollably indebted. It is not a time to wallow in despair. The only way out is to keep your cool and … Continue reading

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