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What happens after bankruptcy?

Though several options exist for people who undergo the process of clearing their personal debts, sometimes bankruptcy is the best course of action in regard to repairing poor financial circumstances. When you file for personal bankruptcy, you legally declare that … Continue reading

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6 Tips on Cutting Costs for Working Students

If you’re working while you’re attending school in order to help finance your education, you know how expensive things can be. School costs a lot of money, not only for tuition, but also for things like books and supplies. You’ve … Continue reading

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I Need Help With My Debt

I need help with my debt, what are my options? Have your debts become too much to handle? Perhaps you’re struggling to make ends meet due to circumstances out of your control, like sudden unemployment, poor health, or a relationship … Continue reading

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The Debt Snowball Method

Post contributed by Maria Smith of If you’re drowning in an ocean of debt and you don’t know how to stay afloat, there’s hope for you. The debt snowball method can help you pull yourself out of the vicious … Continue reading

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Credit vs. Debit Cards: Which is Better for You?

“Debit or credit?” It’s a question we are all asked each time we step up to a cash register with our purchases. Credit cards and debit cards may be used interchangeably, but there are many very real differences between the … Continue reading

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The Truth about Investing in Equities

The past couple of years have been a reality check for many who invest in equities (stocks or stock-based mutual funds). Some sold off at, or near the bottom, and will forever look back on the stellar returns that the … Continue reading

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Changes in the Canada Pension Plan

Some Canadians want to retire early, while others wish to keep working past age 65. Many more wish to ease into retirement and work part time. Regardless of your individual circumstances the following changes will affect most Canadians. On December … Continue reading

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It’s Easy to Love Summer

Our glorious and all too brief summer season is upon us. And what a summer it has been. Can you recall when we have had such consistently beautiful weather? Canadians have revelled by the lake, and festivals of all kinds … Continue reading

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Unlocking a Locked-In Account

By Rick Sutherland, CLU, CFP, FDS, R.F.P Have you ever ceased working for an employer who had a pension plan? You were probably given the opportunity to transfer your pension money into a Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA). This Registered investment account is designed to … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Control Your Credit Card Spending

If you feel as if you’re spending too much on your credit cards, it might be time to learn how you can better control spending and save money at the same time. Credit cards are great and they can be … Continue reading

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