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I Need Help With My Debt

I need help with my debt, what are my options? Have your debts become too much to handle? Perhaps you’re struggling to make ends meet due to circumstances out of your control, like sudden unemployment, poor health, or a relationship … Continue reading

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Budget Surprises: What’s Your Latte Factor?

It’s surprising how small expenses add up when you buy them regularly. For example, I just logged into Spending Profile and noticed that my spending in the restaurants category was 3 TIMES what I had budgeted! I have to admit … Continue reading

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Family Finances

I got a really great email today from a friend of mine who just got married. She would like to use Spending Profile with her husband and was asking if the service could handle joint or shared accounts. Your site … Continue reading

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Remebering to Budget

The hardest thing about budgeting is remembering to do it. I would like to add something in Spending Profile to help make this easier. I find the best way to remember to do something is to send myself an email … Continue reading

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Financial Goals

Hey, I just thought that it would be neat to somehow tie people’s financial goals into their Spending Profile accounts. Goals should be clearly visible at all times, to remind us of them and encourage us to save towards them. … Continue reading

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The Story of Spending Profile

WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? What a difficult question to answer! At around this time last year, I certainly didn’t know where my money was going. In fact, I suddenly realized I had no idea how much I spent each … Continue reading

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New Budgeting Blog

This is my new blog which accompanies my website It’s a place to talk about all things related to money. How good… or bad! are your spending habits? Have you ever created a budget? Can you mangage credit cards, … Continue reading

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