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Investing for the Future

With this short essay we will summarize market developments since the start of the year and share our thoughts for the period ahead. First though, a quick recap of the first half of 2013. In late May, the US market … Continue reading

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Risk Free Returns or Return Free Risk

Over the past few years there has been a flight out of equities and into government bonds. People fear the volatility that has plagued equities since 2008. This strategy appears to have worked. However, there is risk associated with this … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Money Test

Do you have a good grip on your financial situation? Are you prepared for the future and whatever it throws at you? Just how much do you think your net worth is right now? If you don’t know the answer … Continue reading

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Comments on World Events

We are often asked to give our views and comment on the current media headlines and world events. While we are humbled and honoured by this request, we are neither an economist nor a market timer. We cannot gaze into … Continue reading

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Having Confidence in Equities

Recent market weakness is causing concern for many. Are we seeing the beginning of the dreaded double dip in equity prices that has been widely predicted by the popular media since the “meltdown” of 2008-2009? But before we get emotionally … Continue reading

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Gold, Anyone?

Yes, the price of this shinny yellow metal has been going almost straight up since 1999. Yet we coach our loyal clients to “stay away.” Why would we be doing this? It’s simple: gold, like all other commodities, is speculative. … Continue reading

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It’s Easy to Love Summer

Our glorious and all too brief summer season is upon us. And what a summer it has been. Can you recall when we have had such consistently beautiful weather? Canadians have revelled by the lake, and festivals of all kinds … Continue reading

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